Outdoorsie is the leading marketplace offering for unplugged outdoor activities.

The platform connects clients to the most unique outdoor active and immersive experiences in Northern America. The company works closely with corporate teams to curate and facilitate programs of outdoor unplugged activities that help meet the values and goals of the company culture and vision. 


Working with a small group of stakeholders we firstly defined the objectives and goals for the first 12 months of the product. After developing several personas, (i.e. the millennial, San Fran Tech employee, Fitness fanatic, Outdoor pursuits person,…and more), we began to outline the functionality for V1.0 of Outdoorsie. We prioritized the functionality features based on three criteria ​​​​​​​critical, deliverable, nice to have. We then further refined the functionality based on the development effort required to deliver each piece. Once we were clear about what we wanted to deliver for phase one we began to storyboard the user journeys through the product.


Using low fidelity prototypes quickly produces in Adobe XD allowed us to validate our designs in front of real users. Our simple over the shoulder user testing allowed us to see how our users completed tasks from login to product purchase. The results gathered by this testing allowed us to validate or modify ideas before spending lots of time in the development process. Further product testing was conducted after product launch via surveys to customers and vendors.


Hi-fidelity designs were created in Adobe InDesign and passed over to our developers via Zeplin. Color, fonts, photography, icons etc. were defined at this time. Also at this stage animation and transition effects that would aid usability were detailed.