Aura Talent

Aura facilitates guidance, it is a powerful tool that gives employees an engaging and intuitive way to explore opportunities within the organisation.

Aura’s career planner gives employees the autonomy to make their next move strategically. Aura offers guidance to employees to identify a career progression strategy that is based on their current abilities, their potential and the organisational strategy. Employees can align their skills to the needs of the organisation and to their desired personal growth journey.

Wireframing / Prototyping

Rapid wireframing in Balsamiq allowed us to quickly test and validate our design against user expectations.


One of the main challenges was displaying complex tables in mobile form. The first step was to understand how users interacted with this data in its native web-based form. The different ways that users consumed the data determined the design of its mobile counterpart.
Our discussions with users revealed that they didn’t need all information at once to achieve their goal. Limiting the display of this table allowed us to ideate different layouts.
By focusing on the discrete steps of how information is consumed, we were able to limit the presented content to the absolutely relevant.

MSCD Progress / Desktop

Career Role Navigator / Desktop

MSCD Progress

Career Role Navigator